Squares, parks, bike paths, stadiums, sidewalks, parking lots, roads, a high degree of landscape architecture, which today can be shaped into a new - color way.

Colored binder Futura COLOR - new ways of production of color mixtures, in special cases also mixed with a binder transparent, faithfully reflecting the color
aggregate applied to the mixture.

Mixtures based on the color of the binder are characterized by similar properties as the mixture on the basis of modified asphalt.

Futura Color can be used in the manufacture of color blends with the stone material gorąceo technology. COLOR Futura binder is a solid high viscosity, the
softening temperature ranges from 35-50 ° C.

The main advantage is its color adhesive - adhesive supplied in the color ordered, there is no need for additional dosing of pigment on the label. The binder can be stained
any color, depending on the contract.

Designing mixed with a binder of color COLOR Futura does not differ from generally accepted principles of design asphalt mixes. Should be made to the applicable design standards or guidelines mixtures. The recommended temperature manufacturing technology blends with a binder Futura COLOR technology are similar to asphalt mixes hot and range 150-160 ° C.

COLOR Futura binder is supplied on pallets, industrial plastic bags weighing 15 kg. The adhesive should be stored in closed warehouses, without exposing the adhesive temperature variations, rain and snow. This method of storage ensures that it does not lose its adhesive properties even for a period of 12 months.

Another benefit of using the binder - it is no modification of the label - practically every label in the gutter to the mixer can be used to produce colored compounds.

At any time you can start the production of color mixtures in the case of renovation stored adhesive will play exactly the same mixture.

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